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Once (Upon A time) Boutique Home

Have Great Time in  Once (Upon A Time)] Boutique Home

Once (Upon A time) Boutique Home in Chiang Mai  welcomes all of its guests with its tranquil ambiance and great service. The decor in our rooms and suites has been crafted by our owners who are expert architectures.

The accommodation provided is furnished with all of your basic travel comforts and modern amenities, such as Wi-Fi, satellite TV, and coffee/ tea.

Whether travelling for business or leisure, we invite you to sit back and unwind in our calming cafe situated within the premises. The old city of chiang mai is also in close proximity for those wishing to see the Chiang Mai’s old city.

Our Story

Have Great Time in  Once (Upon A Time)] Boutique Home

Our once upon a time journey is about people who love architecture, and who love travelling together ever since studying in university. We have travelled to the unknown places, which were cut off from the world without electricity or satellite TV. The place where we embraced the most was the natural surroundings with mountains, sky and land.

We are always travelling with our backpack by our side which can store just enough essentials to live with. There was no TV, no WiFi, and we could only hear our conversation and the sounds of nature. We were happy and did not want this moment to end. This moment was our ‘Once Upon a Time’.

All of our stories occurred before the design idea of Once [Upon A Time] Boutique Home,  which combines our real life stories with our expertise in architecture.  

We have built Once [Upon A Time] Boutique home from our memories to remind us of our journey together. We would like our guests to invent their own memories as they step into our Boutique home, just like we have done in our journey. This journey will become our guests ‘Once’ (Upon a Time) moment.

Our facility

Have Great Time in  Once (Upon A Time)] Boutique Home

Cafe and breakfast

We are looking after our guests like they are our family. Our mom has cancer so we care about our food as we understand that ‘you are what you eat’. We choose only organic products for our guests, and we pick the utilities which use less oil chose to mostly process food by grilling or steaming. We are using olive oil instead of normal cooking oil,  and butter instead of margarine as we understand these products will change to tran-fat which is not good for your health. Our salad dressing is homemade and without any chemical preservation. To complete your holiday, we will take care of your health and your time.


Our guests can park on site as we have provided parking space.

Assistance services

Our staff will always be here to assist you and to make your holiday perfect. We have a reception desk available for you onsite, which can book any tours which you may desire. We welcome you to contact us before arriving, and any enquiries can be sent to: onceuponatimechiangmai@gmail.com